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XendBridge APIs Documentation

XendBridge is a product of Binance and Google Launchpad-backed Xend Finance, which offers a peer-to-peer system that allows businesses to securely transact between fiat and cryptocurrency.

Below are the complete list and documentation of our external Restful APIs. You will also be able to utilize and test all of our APIs from here.

Want to dive deep?

Dive a little deeper and start exploring our API reference to get an idea of everything that's possible with the API:

pageAPI Reference

Dashboard Walkthrough

To integrate seamlessly with XendBridge, sign up to our website and provide a valid business document. Notify the team after successful signup and your account will get activated and you can begin testing on our test environment.

The first step after signing up, you would create a new application and upload a logo.

Then the next step after creating the new app is to add supported currencies to the application.

Next, we'd set an order timeout for your application for buying, selling, or swapping orders.

Final step, we would then add the supported payment methods for the application.

Get Your Secret and Public Keys

Your API requests are authenticated using public and secret keys. Any request that should require a key but doesn't include it will return an error.

You can get your secret and public key in the webhook section on the dashboard.

Renewing Keys

For our quarterly security checks and updates, we advise renewing your public and secret keys on intervals or quarterly. Here's where you can do this;

Want a quick integration?

If you are looking to quickly integrate xendbridge into your app and process payments, dive into our new Checkout Portal feature.

pageCheckout URL


Install any of our available SDKs and make method calls giving you the much-needed response without having to make api calls.

pageXendBridge NodeJs SDK


We have two base url environments available to third parties, they are the Sandbox and the Live environments.

Sandbox Base Url

Live Base Url


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