Pending Order

An interface called IThirdPartyOrderOperations from the namespace XendBridgeSDK.Services.Interfaces is provided, in which the method GetPendingOrderRequest would be called from. A string argument called emailAddress should be passed, being the email address of the customer.

A generic BaseResponse<T> class is returned on all the method calls.

The response returned from getting the pending order is BaseResponse<PendingOrderResponse> , which the following properties are as follows;

For PeerToPeerOrderResponseModel property, please see Buy Order

// Provide the customer's email address
string emailAddress = "";

// Make the call by passing the model
BaseResponse<PendingOrderResponseModel> response = thirdPartyOrderOperations.GetPendingOrderRequest(emailAddress);

Please see the function from your IDE or visit here to see the request and response models in detail.

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