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DeFi Checkout

XendBridge also provides a quicker way to integrate using our Defi Checkout where you get to make an order request only by sending the parameters via URL.
In order to make the request, you must already have an account and setup. Below is the web page url and parameters that contain required and optional ones needed to redirect your users.
Example Web URL Order

Generating Signature

In order to generate the signature needed to verify the order being made, you'd have to generate a signature hash using the following data:
string data = $"{yourApp.SecretKey}{yourApp.PublicKey}
The Hash Algorithm is sha512 and the output should be in hexadecimal;
byte[] hashBytes = sha512Hash(data);
string hashInHexFormat = ConvertByteToHexString(hashBytes);
{model.AllowEdit} is a bool property which indicates whether the user can edit the order after being redirected by the web url order.
Use any library or implementations to your liking to achieve the above before passing the value as the sign on the URL.
After this is done, your users are redirected to our portal to continue with registration/login and finish the order request.
See Environments for the base urls of the different environments.